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Name:Draco Malfoy
Birthdate:Jun 5
Location:London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I'm too sexy for this wand...
Draco sole universe is the post-Hogwarts PSL, [community profile] acciolife

On the outside, Draco is cool, calm, and collected. He is the utmost air of arrogance and superiority and will come up against anyone who dares to challenge him. Inside, he can actually be quite insecure and soft. This does show through when he is upset, emotional, or finds himself in situations out of his complete control.

If you are his friend, he loves you immensely, but won’t show it to you often. Those who know and love him are aware of exactly how Draco shows his feelings for them. When it counts, however, he will be there whenever you need him. He has a great capacity to love and also an intense yearning to be loved back. However, never having experienced true love, he is becoming quite blasé about the whole romance thing. He can be snarky, sarcastic, dry and snappy, but also has a killer of a sense of humour. He enjoys a good laugh and will often tease his friends in jest. He is also a brilliant listener when a friend needs help. If he dislikes you, he dislikes you with a passion and will tend to believe himself to be highly above you.

Draco is somewhat of a player. He has had many sexual partners – most of which have just been flings or one night stands. Sex is just a way of having fun to him. He can’t quite see how sex can be more than an avenue to get off and scoffs at others who see it as a more meaningful interaction. He can be an extreme flirt when he is interested in someone, but can brush off someone flirting with him in the blink of an eye (or a sneer) if he isn’t interested.

Draco is the only son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, and comes from hundreds of generations of pure wizarding blood lineage. He is the sole heir of the Malfoy family and was born to continue the family pure bloodline and Malfoy name. Because of this, it was be expected of him to produce a son for the same purposes, with lineage being of vital importance to maintain "pureblood" families in the Wizarding World and not be tainted by "half-blood" or "Muggle born" wizards and witches. It is this bigoted and arrogant mindset that was the cause of much unrest within the Wizarding World and the basis of the birth of evil-minded wizard, Voldemort (labelling himself as the Dark Lord).

In his early life, Draco was raised with these close-minded, rigid, and dangerous beliefs. The Malfoys were known followers of Voldemort, with Lucius Malfoy a known Death Eater, who were a faction of Dark wizards employed by Voldemort to rid the Wizarding World of impure witches and wizards. Because of this, Draco harboured a prominent streak of arrogance and self-importance. He was led to believe he was better than anyone who wasn't pureblood like himself, and therefore that Voldemort's goal was well-founded. When he was younger, Draco believed his father's word was Gospel and despite the heavy-handed and often abusive childhood Draco had because of his father to be honed as another follower of Voldemort, Draco still highly respected his father and bowed to his wishes. What Draco didn't realise until he started to grow up and nurture his own mind, was that he was just another tool in Voldemort's horrific plans to isolate the entire Wizarding World and rule as the most powerful Wizard of all time.

It was Harry Potter who was a crushing hurdle in Voldemort's plans, but for Draco, he was an irritating, pain in the arse, thorn in his side from day one. Harry Potter was notorious in the Wizard World from infancy, but very little was known about him or his location. It was merely a fact that this green-eyed baby, son of Lily and James Potter, somehow reduced Voldemort to a powerless shadow of nothing, almost defeating him completely. The baby had a power no witch or wizard could even fathom, that baffled and infuriated Voldemort's followers. Many deserted the Dark Lord's cause upon his near-defeat, but others remained loyal, confident the Dark Lord would soon return to power.

Draco was young and naive, despite his rearing towards the Dark side of the Wizarding World. He knew of Harry Potter and at eleven years old destined for his first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Draco just wanted to be the boy's friend. The rumours were true that Harry Potter had finally come to Hogwarts. Draco could show how how the Wizarding World was! They could be friends, and he would make his father proud.

It wasn't meant to be. Harry didn't take Draco's proferred hand on the Hogwarts Express that day, and it marked the beginning of a bitter and long-standing rivalry between the two young wizards, spanning seven years, and coming to a reluctant end after the Battle of Hogwarts in their final year at the school. Draco faced many horrific trials and consequences of following in his father's footsteps as a tool for Voldemort. He was forced into the ranks of the Death Eaters and almost led into becoming a murderer for the purpose of his own death; as punishment for his father for failing Voldemort's vital bidding. Draco barely managed to escape, and it was Harry and his friends who ultimately saved Draco's life. A fact Draco struggled to ever shake, and was never too far from his mind, even as he was forced to age and approach adulthood tormented by events and images of the evil life he was born in to.

After the Battle of Hogwarts with ended with Voldemort's defeat at Harry's hand, Draco felt like his whole world was turned upside down. He felt like all beliefs and values he harboured had been disintegrated, and he was left with no real path to follow. Whilst still remaining close to his mother, Narcissa, Draco became estranged from his father, struggling to face him or respect him despite the family having maintained and united front in the final days of the war. He was in a haze for many months, just functioning and weaving his way through his life with no real purpose. A week after his twentieth birthday, he married Astoria Greengrass. Draco barely knew the girl, but the marriage had been agreed upon at some point before Voldemort returned to power. It was a sound pureblood match and a male heir from the coupling would secure both family bloodlines. It was a respectful ceremony, carried out in much the same fashion as a business deal. Draco didn't even kiss his bride. They merely just signed the marriage contract and smiled politely at each other. The marriage was consummated emotionalessly, and Astoria fell pregnant from the encounter. Draco, always having the sound ability to compartmentalise his emotions to cope with the life he was raised into, was indifferent to the whole process. By the time his son was born, however, he had finally escaped the clutches of the restrictive pureblood lifestyle... and the Wizarding World.

After an encounter with his father, who had taken to an isolated and miserable lifestyle within Malfoy Manor since Voldemort's demise, Draco's submissive nature towards his father finally cracked. Lucius wanted to Draco to take an advisory role with the Ministry of Magic to keep the Malfoy link with the Minister of Magic. Draco refused. The father and son ended up in explosive argument, with Lucius finally threatening to disown and disinherit Draco because he was "pathetic" and "weak", a miserable excuse of an heir and nothing Lucius wanted the Malfoy name connected to. Draco's internal reaction was to panic that he had disappointed his father, maybe beg forgiveness, plead with him, promise to never be weak again. But as he stood there watching his father, who had aged dramatically from the trauma of being Voldemort's minion, Draco realised that perhaps his father really had finally lost his mind. Draco had no fight left in him, still numb from agreeing to an arranged marriage with a woman he now saw perhaps twice since their nuptials. Draco merely smirked at his father, the glean in his cool grey eyes unreadable, and then turned and walked out. He hadn't returned to Malfoy Manor since.

But Draco didn't just sign out from his oppressive and restrictive life of the Malfoy Family, he signed out of the Wizarding World and got swept up in the not-so-innocent side of the Muggle World. Crossing paths of some of London's Muggle elite, he found himself drawn into a world of alcohol and drugs, using them as a way to cope with trying to wrap his head around all the non-magical facets this new world had to offer. It didn't take him long. He had always been smart and cunning, with the ability to feather his own nest. He soon had a reputation as a bad boy, no one really knowing where he came from and no one asking as long as he could hold his own in the mix. He worked his way up the social ladder... or to be more accurate, slept his way up the social ladder until he was in a position to call the shots. He had money, but it was old money. At first. After the terrifying experiences as Voldemort's tool, Draco had no interest in doing anyone's bidding ever again. The tables were going to turn, and by the time Draco was twenty four years old, he owned and operated one of London's most successful nightclubs, Lumos. He had filtered away his family pureblood money for Muggle purposes, and it was a smug satisfaction he harboured as he watched his business grow. Because of the name, however, it was only a matter of time before it's existence became known to the Wizarding World, especially attached to the Malfoy name. After the war, a lot of witches and wizards ventured out into the Muggle World more, so it was impossible to truly hide anywhere. Draco saw his door back to the Wizarding World budge open, and after calling in some favours from witches and wizards he still remained in contact with, made Lumos a Muggle and Magical venue. Below the Muggle club was a mirrored Wizarding club in the basement. The magical folk knew about the Muggle club, but not the vice versa. It seemed to suit, the old bigoted attitudes of Wizard versus Muggle being breached, even if just for one night of drinking and dancing. People were only there to have a good time, and it's popular reputation spread.

By the time he was twenty seven, Lumos had become an industry, with sister clubs opened in New York, Vegas, Sydney, and Paris, all popular entertainment locations for rich city socialites offering discretion for their after-dark activities. Draco made his own fortune, securing a non-blood reliant inheritance for his now five year old son, Scorpius. Draco was now one of London's most eligible bachelors in both the Muggle and Wizarding Worlds, with rumours even flying that he was bisexual and had a fling with Harry Potter. Draco's personal life is mostly an enigma to all except his close family and friends. Vowing to be the father Lucius wasn't, Draco never balked at his paternal obligations, though most didn't even know Scorpius existed, let alone the fact Draco was a father. Draco fought to keep his son protected from the cutthroat social circles he moved in, but still kept in contact with the boy's mother and shares custody of Scorpius but his lifestyle and busy work committments means he doesn't see the boy nearly as much as he would like to.

When asked of his fling with Harry Potter, Draco merely smirks, and never confirms or denies anything, a very far cry from the bitter rivalary he had for the other wizard way back in their school years.
This Draco Malfoy is 27 years old and exists in the Post-Hogwarts era. His canon background from Books 1 through to 7 stands, however the Epilogue in Book 7 does not. He is stemmed from the Harry/Draco post-Hogwarts fandom, mostly considered AU of the standard Harry Potter fandom in that his story is a take on what could have happened following his time at Hogwarts.
MUSE & MUN OVER 18. The character of Draco Malfoy is the propery of JK ROWLING and belongs to the copyrighted world of Harry Potter. This journal is for roleplaying and muse purposes only. No profit is made from this. All Harry Potter characters, references and concepts belong to JK ROWLING. Draco is portrayed by model Boyd Holbrook, who I have no affiliation with whatsoever.
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